May 10, 2011

El amor No exsiste....

People get hurt, they cry, they become insecure which then makes them jealous, they go through emotional roller coasters, they get lonely, they get sad they go up they go down.
But i just don't see why after one bad relationship people become afraid of love?
They become cold, they guard them selves all the time, they become defensive, they don't trust anybody, they just WONT LET ANYBODY IN!
I honestly feel that by guarding your heart you are running away from life.
a Couple people let you down and all of a sudden its Trust No one
People with this mentality are so weak to me.
They say " I can trust people, but only to a certain extent", you know what i say to that?
Fuck this & Fuck That.
"If you cant trust 100% then you my friend cant trust AT ALL."
You cant trust a little, you either do or you don't.
Trust isn't a maybe thing its a yes or a no.
And people like me are always getting screwed over by people like this.
I'm the type of person that believes in Hope, Change and Love. I can trust people unconditionally you just have to show me through time, trust grows and grows and grows just like love.
i've heard my own family tell me
You cant tell people EVERYTHING because Everything cant be told....
& im like WHY THE FUCK NOT?
WTF do you have to hide? i am an open book i wear my heart on my sleeves people are just too afraid to embrace it !
People are so afraid of everything it makes me sad. How can you not let someone love you fully? what are you afraid of? To be able to love you have to put yourself out there not in full force but gradually, you have to let people love you other wise your just gonna end up lonely.
I've had my heart broken three times, two relationships and a Best Friend. I was sad at first as it is expected to be, but i got over it and I didn't hold a grudge. I simply moved passed it, it still stings a little but I'm not gonna let the world suffer for other peoples let downs and Mistakes.
I wont change just because you broke me.

Someone can break you, but You and ONLY you can build your self back up.

3 people broke my heart, but theirs 6,917,645,965 in the world that can help me move on. I don't have to go all over the world there's exactly 8,391,881 in my own beautiful city, and these numbers alone give hope and a pep in my step.
I am hopeful that as a grow older and wiser i will find people that can trust me as much as i can trust them.
Because what the FUCK Do i look like trusting someone that cant trust me?

Love, Trust, Hope, Happiness
(Remember to bring happiness to your self & others. Because if your only in it for your self your gonna end by your self)

Learn to Love & Learn to Trust Because you cant have one with out the other