April 27, 2012


 I have fallen into a spiral of deep love and Adoration for this musical Genius! My first Encounter with this beauty was through YouTube, when her song "Born to Die" debuted. I can honestly say the song was like musical Crack to my ears. Ever since I've tried my hardest to spread the word on this NYC femme fetal.  Here's what you need to know, Her stage name is Lana Del Rey, she's became a sensation via YouTube and there's been some MAJOR controversy about her lips and her talent. People seem to doubt her singing abilities after her performance on SNL, people also seem to doubt the nature of her lips.
 All i have to say is doubt her performance, doubt her personality but DO NOT discredit this women of her Album. EVERY SINGLE SONG on her debut album BORN TO DIE, is simply amazing. Her writing skills incorporate a form of Hip-Hop rapping feel to it. The emphasis and punch line in her songs is what makes the beauty so talented. Incorporating vintage music videos and her sense of eclectic hip-hop / vintage 70's style only makes me love her more. My top 5 choices of this album would have to be....

  1. Dark Paradise
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Video Games
  4. SummerTime Sadness
  5. Born to Die
Lana has such soul in her voice I recieve this peace, tranquility and sexyness from her lyrics. I HONESTLY WANT EVERY ONE Reading this to Listen to at least ONE of her songs, I know you will not regret it. Lana Del Rey is awkward, weird and these attributes are what MAKE a SUPER STAR, and Lana Del Rey is this exact thing. A MOTHER Effing STAR
 Video Games - "It's you, it's you, it's all for you
Everything I do
I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you want to do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?"

Blue Jeans - "You went out every night
And baby that's alright
I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side
Cause Ima ride or die
Whether you fail or fly
Well shit, at least you tried."

Dark Paradise -  "And there's no remedy for memory your face is
Like a melody, it won't leave my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me
That everything is fine"

Till Next Time <3

April 10, 2012

TAN- ger-EEN

I've always Loved Fashion and ALTHOUGH i haven't blogged about Fashion in a WHILE, i felt the Urge to make this Blog. HONESTLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE This color. Orange is my mothers Favorite color and I've never really Loved it until recently. I bought this Chiffon Skirt in the most beautiful Tangerine color and ever since I've Fallen in LOVE. I'm not a trend setter or follower, But the new RAGE is the Colored Denim Jeans, and these Sorbet Colors like "Coral, Mint, Teal etc..." but as a dear friend once told me those are TYPICAL summer colors.
Tangerine how ever I've Found to be underdog of Summer 2012 Fashion and what i love the most about its that i can wear it in FALL while blending in with a tree!
Any who enough with the Ranting. Here are some my Fav. Tangerine color pictures :)
Tangerine Lips


Till Next Time <3