April 10, 2012

TAN- ger-EEN

I've always Loved Fashion and ALTHOUGH i haven't blogged about Fashion in a WHILE, i felt the Urge to make this Blog. HONESTLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE This color. Orange is my mothers Favorite color and I've never really Loved it until recently. I bought this Chiffon Skirt in the most beautiful Tangerine color and ever since I've Fallen in LOVE. I'm not a trend setter or follower, But the new RAGE is the Colored Denim Jeans, and these Sorbet Colors like "Coral, Mint, Teal etc..." but as a dear friend once told me those are TYPICAL summer colors.
Tangerine how ever I've Found to be underdog of Summer 2012 Fashion and what i love the most about its that i can wear it in FALL while blending in with a tree!
Any who enough with the Ranting. Here are some my Fav. Tangerine color pictures :)
Tangerine Lips


Till Next Time <3

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