October 14, 2009

Love In the Time Of Cholera!!

"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them".

- Mae West

I've Gone to a Full BLOWN Lip Obsession. When i was little i HATED with every being in my soul, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Chap Stick etc. But now as i am growing older & as the fashion world inspires me i have come around & have fallen in love with SOME lip colouring.

I think Mae West Is the Perfect candidate to be on my blog, because of her AMAZING Sexiness. and since I'm talking about lips why not!



My Mother has really big Full Lips. & Before all you POSERS out their start talking about how you love red lips. LET ME TELL YOU, i have ALWAYS loved red lips. they've reminded me of my mother always and forever will. & I'm not talking about RED-ORANGEY LIPS. I'm talking about full Blown BLOOD RED lips !
I mean Hello My Favorite color is BLOOD RED ! =]
Okay THIS is something that i LOVE! Nude lips are so BEYOND sexy to me. They look different, they aren't drastic But instead of making you look like plain Jane, It distracts People and actually makes them look at you. The nude Trend for me Began Last year. i don't even know how to explain it its just COMPLETELY HOT ! But you must be careful. You have to have the right tone for your Skin.
PINKPINKPINK. its become a BIG fashion trend PINK/FUCHSIA lip color. All my friends are wearing it. You've seen this color worn regularly By Pop stars Like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Demi Lovatto, & Nicki Manaj. Seeing all these famous stars wearing it makes this color that much more popular. Plus this color has already hit the streets, that's how you know its popular. Ounce its hit the streets It's popular <3. I think its cute & makes you look super girly. Again this is a color you have to be careful with. you need to get the perfect shade for your skin tone.
Plum Colored Lip!
Okay this OFFICIALLY has become my TRUE FAVORITE. Its Plum Colored Lips stick. I am Head over heels for this thing. I literally feel like its a part of me. but its not only the Plum Colored Lips that i love. its the whole Dar color thing. MAC just came out with This New Lip Mattene Lip stick Called NIGHT VIOLET! truly truly amazing ! it's so rich in color its gorgeous.

I think that The Reason why i might be in love with this dark lip color is dew to my FASCINATION with the ROARING 20'S
One of my favorite Books of all Times is

The Great Gatsby is such a great story filled with drama. Its about Love, Betrayal, Deceit, Money, Greed & Passion.
oh how i wish i would have been there.
My vision of what i would be like to have lived in the 1920's is simple. I would OBVIOUSLY want to be a white woman. Rich, Wearing long pearls and a shimmering dress embroidered with sequence. really really petite. I'd be roaming New York City with a long FUR coat (Even though i am completely against Killing for animals). My hair would be short & i would permanently wear dark lipstick. and if i wasn't a rich woman i would want to be a mistress Young sexy and hated by all the wives of the men i would be sleeping with !
Now that's what i call an interesting story!
Just another one of my silly obsession with Old eras Before Mine !
Here is a picture Of 1920's Modern Style I think it LOOKS Fabulous !


Finally These are Pics of me wearing All th colors i've Just spoken about. Tell Me what You think, wich you love & wich you hate.

Till Next Time Guys




October 6, 2009

Buy, Spend, Lend, Broke?

Hello NYC, and the Rest Of the world ; ). Doing a Quick Mini- Blog Just to say hello. I wanted to share with you Something that I'm Really Passionate about. HAND BAGS ! i am not a rich for and I'm from it. i barely get by since unfortunately i am currently UNEMPLOYED
(If you know anything HIT ME UP I'M DESPERATE !!)
But i do have dreams and Hopefully Going to College Pays Off !
ANY WHO, Amongst all the things i Love in this world HAND BAGS are a little something i really love. i can have a bag and not wear it. Just Owning it is an HONOR. i can have them and just look at them. They are like a piece of ART
Here are some of the bags i OWN. you might find them horrible but i personally love them.
This Bag i got like 4 years ago. I got it at the Cheap Store Joyce Leslie.
It has the Perfect Pockets and The interior is Leopard Print ! How HOT !
This Messenger Bag i got at GOODWILL duh like always ! Its So Cute !I absolutely love it !! It's Comfy only thing is My jeans stain the back =(Compare and Contrast!
This is my Balenciaga Bag you can OBVIOUSLY tell it isn't a Real Balenciaga. But my friend does own one i had a picture of it but unfortunately i lost it. It's light Brown & it belongs to my friend Lizbeth, but I'm holding it Hostage for now. Although mine isn't real, i still love it. its color is what i like Best its like DARK CHOCOLATE !
This Gorgeous BAG is what all my Dreams are MADE OF ! Its beautifully. I WANT IT SO BAD!!
i mean look at how beautiful it looks.
CLASSY & ELEGANT. nothing extravagant !

This Tiny Little Thing is my FAKE Chanel Bag ! Elle oh Elle
i got it as a Christmas Present From a Dear Friend.
its cute small and perfect for a Party.
Lastly this is a picture of CHANEL on a recession! someone Tweeted this and i Found it Hilarious!

till Next Time


October 4, 2009

Merengue Electronico aka My CLOSET

Hello World I'm back, but just for a little bit. I named this Merengue Electronico for no apparent Reason, i guess that's what i would call my closet. DIFFERENT. I cant say i would have a specific style of wearing clothes. I just wear what i like. i can Say that some times I'm not at my best but i like what i like and that's it !! DON'T JUDGE ME NIGGA ! just kidding ;D
Here are some of my favorite pieces of clothing that i obtain!

This is one of my Prized Possessions. Its My Tweed Chanel Jacket. I am completely and utterly in love with it and i cherish it because i got it with my mom while thrift shopping. I'm not one for Fancy labels since i can never remember their names. But This is something i am truly proud to Own.This One is another Fave. Mine i know it looks huge and weird but its AWESOME. its my
Michael Jackson Jacket ! I looks cool On.
It looks very Vintage like 80's its real leather and i got it in GoodWill, cost me 25 dollars.
Now that's what i call a sale !

This Is ANOTHER prized possession. Its An Escada Jacket i also got this at GoodWill !! Very Cool. it only cost me 10 dollars. I consider this a great addition to my closest because I'm not a flashy girl, and BLACK seems to be my color and this is perfect Jacket to throw it off especially since NEON seems to still be in style.
This is my BCBG Prom DRESS <3. style="color: rgb(0, 0, 102);">$300, if i might add.), because not only can i wear it more then once but it fits great ! I looked great when i wore it if i do say so myself. BCBG has a lot of great stuff that i like.
Lastly this man shirt. This isn't any type of name brand. Its really cool i love it because of the colors. I wear it all the time. Tell me what you guys think. Don't mind my ugly door nob. I also got this shirt at GoodWill for 6 dollars. Yes it seems that i shop at GoodWill alot. But its that my most important and the pieces of clothes i mostly like Happen to com from there.
Well let me know what you guys think, tell what i what i should toss out or how you would wear my clothes.
Happy October thanx For listening/Reading See you Guys Soon.

P.S : I cant wait for HALLOWEEN
What will you guys Be dressed up as?