October 4, 2009

Merengue Electronico aka My CLOSET

Hello World I'm back, but just for a little bit. I named this Merengue Electronico for no apparent Reason, i guess that's what i would call my closet. DIFFERENT. I cant say i would have a specific style of wearing clothes. I just wear what i like. i can Say that some times I'm not at my best but i like what i like and that's it !! DON'T JUDGE ME NIGGA ! just kidding ;D
Here are some of my favorite pieces of clothing that i obtain!

This is one of my Prized Possessions. Its My Tweed Chanel Jacket. I am completely and utterly in love with it and i cherish it because i got it with my mom while thrift shopping. I'm not one for Fancy labels since i can never remember their names. But This is something i am truly proud to Own.This One is another Fave. Mine i know it looks huge and weird but its AWESOME. its my
Michael Jackson Jacket ! I looks cool On.
It looks very Vintage like 80's its real leather and i got it in GoodWill, cost me 25 dollars.
Now that's what i call a sale !

This Is ANOTHER prized possession. Its An Escada Jacket i also got this at GoodWill !! Very Cool. it only cost me 10 dollars. I consider this a great addition to my closest because I'm not a flashy girl, and BLACK seems to be my color and this is perfect Jacket to throw it off especially since NEON seems to still be in style.
This is my BCBG Prom DRESS <3. style="color: rgb(0, 0, 102);">$300, if i might add.), because not only can i wear it more then once but it fits great ! I looked great when i wore it if i do say so myself. BCBG has a lot of great stuff that i like.
Lastly this man shirt. This isn't any type of name brand. Its really cool i love it because of the colors. I wear it all the time. Tell me what you guys think. Don't mind my ugly door nob. I also got this shirt at GoodWill for 6 dollars. Yes it seems that i shop at GoodWill alot. But its that my most important and the pieces of clothes i mostly like Happen to com from there.
Well let me know what you guys think, tell what i what i should toss out or how you would wear my clothes.
Happy October thanx For listening/Reading See you Guys Soon.

P.S : I cant wait for HALLOWEEN
What will you guys Be dressed up as?

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  1. I didnt know you when thrift shopping. thats awesome. I always wanted to do that but didnt know anyone who would go with me. And I didnt know where to go lol We need to set a date!


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