September 8, 2009

Me, Myself + Friends <3

Hello Fellow Blogger's !! i know its been so long, its like school ha my brain running on CRAZY !
I hope that those of you who read my blogs are living a good life enjoying your selves.
WELL since my last blog so many things have happened.
Like for instance Fashions Night Out & the VMA's drama With Kanye West and of course Lil Mama's ghetto ass !
but i will not get in to all that.
I'm going to dedicate this blog to my FABULOUS friends whom inspire me all the time, whether its to be a better person or something simple like what songs to try listen to.
But its the Fashion inspirations that i love most of all.
For example :This FAB. Out fit was worn by my Awesome friend GLORY.
Its a Vintage shirt paired with Lamea American Apparel skirt, some great heels.
so trendy I love it 1 of my fave.This little ensemble was put together by MOi.
Its an H&M big puffy sweater,Vintage Swede Waist belt, H&M pantie hose and you cant see but there where some Brown & Black strappy Steve Madden Shoes to complete the outfit!!
This is a little number my sister ANNIE BANANIE put together that i LOVE. its so cute and trendy looks like a totally cool & trendy Teenager <3.
I'm assuming since i don't know specifically what and who shes wearing. but I'm pretty sure shes decked out in H&M and Forever 21.
From Left to right Natasha, Jorlenne, Karen, Lyzveth, Harlina.
For a fact i know that Karen is wearing a fall 2008 Bebe dress. Lyzveth is rocking this awesome Vintage dress which she purchased at Good will. Well the rest of the girls I'm not quite sure but they looked armed and FABULOUS !!
This is Lyzvethagain looking GREAT! for Fashion Industries Prom 2008.
This dress was hand made by Mauranice Bisono. One Hell of a dress !!
Finally Me and my Homies Dressed to Impress on our "PussyCatDoll" Shizz!!
This is the Cover to our Make Believe Album !!
Left to Right
Jorlenne, MOi, Glory, Gabi, Yanill.
Most of us are Decked out in American Apparel mixed in with some other pieces.
Thank you for tuning in this time guys <3>Let me Know what you guys think
Till Next time Love ya <3>

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  1. i loooveeee thisss!!!!

    love the fashion section...always surrounded by hot bitches! <3


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