August 19, 2009

Hustle & Flow, Allow me to introduce my self

Hello world <3, this is my first blog obviously. this a fine and simple introduction in to my world, of love, food, fashion, music,SEX & everything in Between. I'm here to speak my mind turn this to a point where you people will have YOUR hustle but with MY flow. if you know what i mean. I'm a very confidant HISPANIC/LATINA women interested in almost everything in this world, I'm willing to try almost anything in this world.i love new experiences i want to travel the world (but don't we all). I'm what i consider adventurous, my passion for different things and money will be shown through out my blogs, I'm just trying to give you a taste of who i am
;-) Muazzz Hope to see you soon

xoxo: Smillzz
I'm Trying To Get That Money Honey ;-)

Hannah Beth (the model) with her Kick ASS tats & nails, too bad shes gonna Wrinkle

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