August 21, 2009

"The Wildest Party in The History of The Universe 1969"

Let's Take it back. it 1969, the sun feels warm on your skin. You can taste sweetness on your lips. You feel the love in the air. you can smell it. You feel your friends flying by. Your embracing humanity. You love them & they love you. Every inch of you, your long silky hair, your earthy skin, with its golden tan, it hasn't been washed in weeks, but they love it. They can smell you and you smell them & you love it. Your TRIPPING and it's a good one. Your free, you dance. The sun Feels warm upon your skin, you can taste sweetness on your lips its 1969The Longest Most Memorable Party In the History Of America WOODSTOCK 1969.
The Late 60's & 70's is one of the eras that has influenced me the most in my life. From the Civil Rights Movement, to the Music, the Fashion, the Disco, the Hair, its so Fascinatingly Wonderful to me! it such an inspiration. i would have LOVED to be able to attend the 3 day madness of Woodstock, (aside from all the scary drugs and the ODees) i mean To Actually see JIMMY HENDRIX, would have been amazing <3.
but its not only Woodstock. The Fashion is Amazing, they've inspired so many lines these days and also the lines that came out in those days like DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, and YSL, the whole flower power revolution, the huge sun glasses, and every one started putting up the peace sign again. it so cool and amazing. thats what i call insperation, i feel like we're just robots now doing whats already been done. Dont get me wrong i love the milleniums music, art, and fashion. im just a big admierer of the past.
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August 19, 2009

Hustle & Flow, Allow me to introduce my self

Hello world <3, this is my first blog obviously. this a fine and simple introduction in to my world, of love, food, fashion, music,SEX & everything in Between. I'm here to speak my mind turn this to a point where you people will have YOUR hustle but with MY flow. if you know what i mean. I'm a very confidant HISPANIC/LATINA women interested in almost everything in this world, I'm willing to try almost anything in this world.i love new experiences i want to travel the world (but don't we all). I'm what i consider adventurous, my passion for different things and money will be shown through out my blogs, I'm just trying to give you a taste of who i am
;-) Muazzz Hope to see you soon

xoxo: Smillzz
I'm Trying To Get That Money Honey ;-)

Hannah Beth (the model) with her Kick ASS tats & nails, too bad shes gonna Wrinkle