March 12, 2010


Miss Van
Honestly, I'm not a Graffiti Fan, i Feel Like i can honestly say that i haven't seen many Graffiti Murals or works of art that I've Loved. But Not until i read about This woman did i realize who she was.
My interest For writing a Blog about Graffiti didn't Come from the fact that "i LiKE Graffiti": because as i already stated i really don't enjoy it much, my interest in Writing about Graffiti Came for a Book i stumbled upon in the Library.
The Book is called: "Street Art" By Cedar LewinsohnOnly Reason i even Opened the Book was Because of the Beautiful Doll in the Cover <3
As I look at the Graffiti work I wasn't Really impressed till i turned to The Page Dedicated to this "Miss Van Character"
I Must admit that when i First Saw them, i thought to My Self Wow these Kind of Resemble the Fafi Dolls Everyone Obsess about, but As i was reading i found that this Miss Van Character is a French Graffiti Artist who's well known & Has Created a Name for her self.
She's Been around since the early 90's and that SHOCKED me. I never Really Thought there could be a Career in Graffiti until i read about her in this Book.
I first Heard of the Fafi Dolls in my Senior Year of High School thanks to my Good Friend, Harlina. I honestly really like her Fafi Dolls, But their NOTHING compared to
"Les poupees de MISS VAN"
They are So FUCKING amazing to me. they are true works of art. Miss Van doesn't Use Spray Paint in her Graffiti Like Traditional Graffiti artists. She actually paints on walls.
Acrylic paint to be exact. Her "Poupees de MISS VAN"(Miss Vans Dolls) are so Beautiful. They're so innocent yet WILDLY Sexy. Like really Damn Sexy, and their not even skinny dolls. their Chunky Just like her i LOVE THEM.Miss Van as i read is a Perfect Candidate to Feminism. When you think Graffiti artist you don't think FEMALE, you don't think Sex. you think Male & Vandalism.
This Woman Has Changed some of the Views of Graffiti
Owning a Piece of Her art Would Be PERFECT & A Dream to me!
Some (Like the ones above) are Dark and Mystical, they actually look like Pieces of art. Their nothing like I've seen before and and when it comes to graffiti they've changed my Perception.

XoXo <3
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P.S : The only Graffiti I've ever fallen in love with is 5Pointz in Queens, New York.5points is a 5-story BLOCK LONG, complex in Queens New York.
This Museum is A true Work of art. Though some People might see it as a tagged up building its MORE than that. it is ART in a totally different matter it's truly amazing and one will never realize how amazing it is until you experience it for your self. the way the whole complex comes together is truly Amazing.
The First Time i saw this Building was By PURE accident, i was 17 and it was my first ride on the 7 Train !

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  1. cant say im a fan of graffiti art but i must say this shit is impressive. i like shit that is more artistic rather than just a big ass tag. plus its girly and sexual. not the spice girls girl power but girl power none the less


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