July 23, 2010

Spring Wind....

The Beat to my Happiness....
I've been looking for inspiration as to what to write about next on this blog
and i couldn't come up with anything better then
one of the many things that make me happy in this life.
and that thing would of course be flowers.
i think that flowers just brighten up peoples homes and bedrooms.
i honestly feel that you can never go wrong with flowers and I'm going to try
to buy my self flowers ever week when o get my own apartment,my mom does it like every month since their too expensive,but at least she has the idea in her mind,and now she's planted this idea in my head.

I'm going to be posting up my favorite flowers in this blog.
& for you guys that read my blog here's a bit of advice,GETTING YOUR GIRL FLOWERS EVERY NOW AND THEN IS NICE NOT CORNY
yeah it might be cliche but these girls will be shocked when you show up out of no where
with flowers TRUST its always nice.(I'm not promise that shes gonna give you "Some", but it will warm her heart)
(& give her butter flies which is like the ULTIMATE gift)
and second
their too typical and they just remind us of like valentines day or something.
Try some of the Following some aren't THAT expensive.

I have a close and personal relationship with Tulips<3
they were the first flowers i learned how to draw
and they're the first flowers i remember looking at when i was like in third grade.
Their really not expensive and they come in so many colors you'll have tuns of them to choose
My Personal FAV. are those 4 you see in the Picture (^_^)

These Babies are one like me Number one or Number two i cant choose
all i know is that they are so BEAUTIFUL.
the way the blossom like a big ball of color and then bloom into
this huge flowers its like breath taking. i love them so much and i have to say
the guy that gives me a Bouquet of these flowers
WILL HAVE MY HEART FOR EVER.one problem their freaking expensive....
One Bouquet can be like 75 dollars totally depends on where u go and if the girl's worth it.

SUN FLOWERS These things are inexpensive and they last a While
they Remind me of like Hot Summer Days
i love them so much I'm think of Having my wedding with these flowers
Their so pretty the only thing that FREAKS ME OUT about them is
that they ATTRACT BEES ~_~
CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, But Pretty Pretty Pretty

ONE of the Most Expensive Flowers to date.
they are BRIGHT and pretty and they have a nice smell to them
a Bouquet of these doesn't come CHEAP at all
but they just look so nice they can brighten up any room.
their supposed to stand for "rare beauty"So if you or your Girl Friend stand for that this is pretty good flower to get her

These Have to be like My Number one Flower ever. You might Have seen these Flowers
Scattered all over NYC. and i mus say that The more i look at these trees
the more i love them they make the city look so BEAUTIFUL
especially when they start Blooming in the Spring Time.
i Know that its kind of unrealistic to give these flowers as a bouquet
since they grow on branches BUT
I've seen some pretty nice arrangements in Flower shops!

Well i Hope You MEN & WOMEN take these Flowers into Consideration.
Like i said you can never go wrong with flowers <3


Till Next Time

Ray Me & Tiffany
During Easter under the Most Perfect Cherry Blossom Tree <3

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