January 8, 2011

S W A N L a k e

to start this long deserved blog, i will make it clear that i will be speaking of a movie that on its own deserves this blog all to its self, for its great performances and excellent beauty.
B L A C K SWANwas amazing, scary, weird, beautiful, amusing, intelligent, Persis & DarkNATALIE PORTMAN definitely deserves and academy award for this onei'll try to keep this blog short and simple i wont spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it
all i know is that i know my favorite parts, they stick out in my head clearly and they were wonderful.
i think they did swan lake justice even though it wasn't really about the dancing its
the emotions captured in the dance that i loved the most.
I've loved Swan Lake prior to this movie,
ever since i was a child i have the symphonies on my iPod,
that's how much I've always loved itI don't think Mila Kunis's performance was to die for in the movie, but in all honesty
this movie was all Natalie Portman dialogue,
i mean even Winona Ryder
(whom i love with all my heart) did a short amazing job.
i think this was more kind of typical Mila Kunis acting role, funny,witty & sexy
but towards the end her character is a little darker which i enjoyed
i fell in love with the make up and the Dresses the dancing was really pretty& the passion was really thrilling
i would pay to go see this movie again and i want it on DVD.

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